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Yes, as zoologist Jeppe M?hl tells us, that bewildered polar bear and his entire species are unlikely to survive on this rapidly transforming planet. But it is the height of human arrogance to believe that we can avoid his fate indefinitely. We use pat phrases like “the fate of the planet” when what we are really concerned about, understandably enough, is the future of our own civilization. The planet will be OK. Life on earth is a robust phenomenon that has survived worse catastrophes than anything we can inflict. All our nuclear weapons and toxic sludge and carbon emissions add up to a tiny poisonous hiccup within what Rosing calls the “very short parenthesis” that is human life on planet Earth. Dinosaurs were the dominant form of life for 100 million years or so, and at this point we look unlikely to last even 1 percent as long in that role. Greenland will still be there when we’re gone, and sooner or later the ice will be back. If we take the polar bears and Arctic foxes and musk oxen with us when we go, other creatures will evolve to take their places, and ours.

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Here??s what I have to say about it in my forthcoming book, Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves.

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Protect me? That’s awful. I thought you’d be brave. I thought you’d be adventurous, fearless, sexy, confident, but instead you’re just this dried up prude who ― instead of celebrating the fact that I fully own my body and use it however I want, with whomever I want, as many times and in as many kinky ways as I want ― is shaking your finger at me? You’re telling me to be afraid of what names someone’s going to call me just because I had the audacity to have too much great sex, as if picking up a hot stranger at a bar for a dirty screw is a crime. … This is my life, my body, my story to sell or tell … Go ahead and call me a whore. Everyone who writes a memoir is a whore. You can also call me an author, an artist, a businesswoman, you can call me smart and, pretty soon, you can call me successful.

On one hand, story in a comic-book film is largely a pretext for showing off the technology and moving the characters into spectacular confrontations. On the other hand, plot is a difficult thing to get right in a movie like this, because it needs to employ familiar tropes – a hero, a villain, a globe-threatening crisis and a couple of unexpected switches – while not seeming entirely derivative. Black and Pearce get a solid B-plus here for Kingsley’s mysterious Mandarin, who looks vaguely Middle Eastern but talks with a possibly put-on down-home accent, and hacks into cable TV transmissions anytime he wants to deliver his dire messages to the world. He has some revenge agenda directed at the sourpuss Republican-looking president played by William Sadler, and one of the faintly seditious touches in Black’s work is that it’s nearly impossible to feel any sympathy for that guy. Then there are two figures out of Tony Stark’s past, a cutting-edge brain researcher called Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), snubbed by Tony at a Y2K New Year’s Eve party, and a long-ago ex-girlfriend played by Rebecca Hall, who may never have gotten over him.

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